Black Coffee says, “David Guetta Ex-Wife is just my business partner”

“Cathy Guetta is just my business partner”, says Black Coffee

Superstar DJ Black Coffee stamped his authority on Friday as he went on twitter to clarify his relationship with Cathy Guetta, who was rumoured to be his lover.

Cathy Guetta, ex-wife of superstar French DJ David Guetta, had been suspected of being in an affair with Nathi ‘Black Coffee’ Maphumulo after posting comments on Instagram which suggested they were rather cosy.

She referred to them as ‘Nathi Cathy’, in one of her social media posts. But on Friday afternoon, Black Coffee took to Twitter and said he was not in a relationship with Cathy Guetta, but instead, they were business partners only.

“1. It’s quite sad that on social media people are so quick to confidently vilify & lynch people without a shred of evidence ITO (in terms of) wrongdoing. For the Record: Cathy Guetta is nothing more than a business partner and shall remain so for the foreseeable future.

“2. All the lynch-mob mentality is doing, is hurting people and their kids. This is not a game,” said Black Coffee on Twitter.

Some of Black Coffee’s fans and comrades of Enhle Mbali, his wife, had taken to Cathy Guetta’s Instagram page to post comments when rumours started to spread on social media.

Enhle Mbali has yet to publicly speak out on the matter. Shortly after publishing his two-tweet statement, Black Coffee took to social media to put an end to the fake tweeters.

He told people to mind their business.

“I could ask you….Why unempandla (why are you bald)? but I won’t because I mind my business”, was one of the clapbacks Black Coffee served on a tweet, who has since deleted her comment. Another woman on Twitter had a question for Black Coffee, but was brushed aside. “Save that for your man,” the DJ stomped his authority.

By the weekend, Black Coffee was back to business tweeting his fans about his international duties.

Fakers and hater got some extra fire from@AlphaBravo_One on twitter

Most of the problems in this world raise because of not minding one’s own business. The lesson in this case is to Mind Your Own Business!

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