Distruction Boyz On How Their Parents Felt About Them Pursuing Gqom Afro House Music

Boyz actually worked for free when they started out. Distruction Boyz On How Their Parents Felt About Them Pursuing Gqom and Afro House Music. Award winning music Gqom pair shared part of their story in their journey into making in music during an interview with DJ Fresh on Radio Metro FM.
The stars expressed how they first performed for free and how their mothers doubted their career chosen choice.

Distruction Boyz - Sónar 2018 Gqom Mix

“Honestly speaking in the beginning it wasn’t nice or easy for us because what we used to do for exposure, we would go out and perform for free. We would make music for other people for free. So that our name could be known.

“It wasn’t easy coming back home in the morning at six or seven from a night away not carrying anything because it wasn’t easy for them to take us to those (good) schools and to still have to provide for us,” Que said.

The duo added on how they wanted to make their parents proud.

“But we started getting the graft and things started looking up and when they started seeing the amount of work that we are doing – not only for us but for other young people from KZN but for SA as well, they were proud of us because we were touring and representing SA and all that. They started being proud of us and supporting us.”

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