Buddynice – April 14th EP

Buddynice - April 14th EP

Well as you now know Buddy is always nice, hence Buddynice, 14th April, is another of his Redemial sound excursion. A genre of Afro-house that he calls his own. Of course, he moves with remixes from the usual Bush Doctor suspects: Chronicle Deep, TimAdeep, De’KeaY’ Individualist, and Phats de juvenile.

RELEASE: Buddynice – April 14th
GENRE: Deep House
QUALITY: 224 Kbps
LABEL: Bush Doctor Recordings
YEAR: 2020
SIZE: 56.9 MB


  1. Buddynice – 14th April (Original Mix)
  2. Buddynice – April 14th (Chronical Deep Remix)
  3. Buddynice – April 14th (TimAdeep Remix)
  4. Buddynice – April 14th (Individualist In The Deep Remix)
  5. Buddynice – April 14th (Phats De Juvenile Tribal Remix)


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