VA – Afro Legacy

VA - Afro Legacy

ALBUM: VA – Afro Legacy
QUALITY: 320 Kbps
LABEL: MyCrazyClub
YEAR: 2018
SIZE: 169.7 MB


  1. Afro Carrib – Get Up (Original Mix)
  2. Afro Carrib – Robot Monkey (Original Mix)
  3. Alan De Laniere, Afro Carrib – Jouwéy (Afro Carrib Mix)
  4. Alan De Laniere, Miss Wonder – I Want It All (Afro ADLN Mix)
  5. Awon, Adln, Afro Carrib – Crack Babies (Afro Carrib Mix)
  6. BiBOO, Afro Carrib – Puzzle (Afro Carrib Mix)
  7. DaWeirD, Afro Carrib – Deep To Afro (Afro Carrib Mix)
  8. DocOlv, Afro Carrib – The Need (Afro Carrib Mix)
  9. Mak N’Dou, Alan De Laniere – Soft & Slow (Alan de Laniere Instrumental Mix)
  10. Salade Tomate, Afro Carrib – Steel Band (Afro Carrib Mix)
  11. Trax Machine, Afro Carrib – Windy City (Afro Carrib Mix)
  12. Tribalizer – Zyna 2 (Original Mix)


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