THEMBA – Herd In Miami (DJ Mix)

THEMBA - Herd In Miami (DJ Mix)

South African international star Themba releases the Mixtape of his latest LP/Mix album “Herd in Ibiza”, which includes instrumentals and mixed tracks by Themba from; Kususa, Karyendasoul, Lemon & Herb, Atjazz, TonicVolts and others.

MIXTAPE: THEMBA – Herd In Miami (DJ Mix)
GENRE: House Music
QUALITY: 160 Kbps
YEAR: 2019
SIZE: 80.4 MB


  1. Atjazz – Everything= (Dub) [Mixed]
  2. Paax (Tulum) – Djorolen (Themba’s Herd Mix) [Mixed]
  3. Elfenberg – Tanzanite (Yubik Incantation) [Mixed]
  4. ########
  5. Lemon & Herb – Nqo (Club) [Mixed] (feat. Soul Star)
  6. Sobek – Jewel Of The Nile [Mixed]
  7. Kususa – Amabutho [Mixed] (feat. De Cave Man & DJ Merlon)
  8. Themba (SA) – Better Days [Mixed]
  9. TonicVolts – Ikhuzeni [Mixed]
  10. Themba (SA) – The Wolf [Mixed]
  11. Mark Finkel – Different Worlds [Mixed]
  12. Dorian Craft – Absentina [Mixed]
  13. Karyendasoul – Waka [Mixed]
  14. Lemon & Herb – Zulumeke [Mixed]
  15. Timanti – When You Wake Up [Mixed]
  16. Rampa – Sunday [Mixed]


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