Prince Kaybee talk about TNS issue

A lot of unhappiness was expressed via social media this week between house music DJ/producer and multiple award winner Prince Kaybee, genuine name Kabelo Motsamai, and Nkazimulo Ngema, famously known as TNS, over default claims after co-delivering hit tunes Banomoya and Club Controller.

TNS claimed that Prince Kaybee had not paid him his offer for the work done on the two tunes, a charge he denied and gave verification of a few installments made to the youthful DJ at his demand.

DJ Prince Kaybee took to social media to deny the cases made by TNS, saying he made them with the aim to dishonor his image. He said he had no power over eminences, and TNS would need to sit tight for Samro to deal with that as he was acknowledged on the two tunes as one of the makers.

“I guaranteed that he got appointments through my own connections and included him on occasions so as to enable him to manufacture his name and vocation.

“He lived in my home for the whole year in 2018 after he disclosed to me that he has no appropriate safe house, garments or cash to seek after his music. I dealt with his life cost amid this period and I can give evidence of the cash spent on him.

“I got him garments, a telephone, and gave him a vehicle to seek after his work exercises. Indeed, even the studio hardware he is utilizing right presently was purchased by a companion and business partner that I acquainted him with.

“This is an individual that I put stock in and encouraged. I opened my home, studio, systems, and monetarily upheld in light of the fact that I trusted in him as a youthful craftsman. I will take the hard exercises that accompanied my thoughtfulness yet I won’t quit accepting or supporting youthful ability due to one terrible involvement with a voracious individual,” said Prince Kaybee.

He further got him a VW Golf 5 in November a year ago and blamed TNS for having an unsanctioned romance with his then-sweetheart, a charge TNS denied.

Nonetheless, TNS said the cash Prince Kaybee gave him was not more than R40,000 when he gave him tunes worth more than R500,000. He blamed Prince Kaybee for lying about everything to make himself resemble a casualty of achievement when he was the person who supposedly abused craftsmen.

He asserted: “I helped you through 2018 with two major melodies and that is how you express gratitude toward me? I secured you when you were being assaulted for Club Controller, I wound up faithful to you and remained close by yet you neglected to be faithful to me with what is because of me.

“Try not to come to me with such egotism of deceiving individuals about me, ngiyi ntwana kuwe yet I can think, you never going to treat me like you treated different specialists and pull off it.

“Remember the individuals who were with you on your way up brazo, Nami I won’t overlook you since you added to my identity today.

“Where is everybody you made hits with? The end result for them?”

TNS guaranteed that the issue with Prince Kaybee was that he never needed to talk things out. Presently their expert relationship was so broken TNS guaranteed he expelled nine of his tunes from Prince Kaybee’s collection, constraining him to put it on hold. Be that as it may, Prince Kaybee said his collection would be discharged “as booked”.

“You even lied live on radio that this came up in light of the fact that you discharged now everybody is envious.

“You inspired guts to try and lie and make yourself a decent individual ngami on the radio. I discharged My Dali path before you discharged your single. Nobody uncovered you, I gave myself the credit I merit, and I put everything on my profile that is the reason moderators get stunned when they read it. Presently you’re endeavoring to safeguard yourself by uncovering me? Is it true that you are without a doubt? Karma knows where everybody lives, your pomposity will make up for lost time with you Prince Kaybee,” said TNS.

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