Prince Kaybee reaction to tribalism allegations over his Song of the Year Win

Award-winning DJ Prince Kaybee has hit back hard at the tribalism debate on twitter after winning the Ukhozi FM Song of the Year Award.

Prince Kaybee’s successful hit single Banomoya won the song of the year award over King Monada’s Malwedhe song. It may have only been the results for Ukhozi FM listeners but it almost broke the internet with an overwhelming response.

Droves of people on twitter accused the competition’s judges of tribalism and made it clear that no Limpopo artist would be allowed to win at a Zulu radio station.

Prince Kaybee said ” I don’t understand how Song Of The Year is about tribalism. 1st of all I’m not Zulu. I work very hard, no gimmicks, no hype but pure MUSIC! I love King Monada and his different style but unfortunately I won. Lets Celebrate together as a Country. I LOVE YOU LIMPOPO”

One of South Africa’s top musicians and producer Arthur Mafokate joined the debate on twitter, calling for a stop to tribalism. He laid the blame squarely on politicians and event organizers in our country.

Arthur Mafokate said “I cautioned against this Tribalism when it started, sorry to say it, but politicians played a role in this. They started booking us according to our birth places. It’s sad, that it is now dividing our beloved Music Industry”.

Prince Kaybee dismissed any alleged talk of favoritism and used Twitter to address his fans over the fantastic award. He said that he was not Zulu and there was no publicity stunts to promote the song. Kaybee gave props to King Monada but defended his right to win the award.

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