Omawumi – Africa (feat. Salif Keita & Uhuru) 2017

Omawumi - Africa (feat. Salif Keita & Uhuru) 2017

Omawumi – Africa (feat. Salif Keita & Uhuru) 2017

The singer-songwriter Roc Nation and Cabal Entertainment Songbird, “Omawumi”, who has released their new album “Timesless” that is still beating, this song of the project here is dedicated to all Africans entitled “Africa.”

“Africa” ​​will feature the legendary Mali-pop singer Mali “Salif Keita” and the Uhuru group from South Africa.

“Music means everything … It is a form of communication that speaks in all parts of life that has ears, is very spiritual, can be a teacher, sometimes even in the abstract there is language.” Omawumi says.

Born in Niger Delta in Nigeria, Omawumi likes so many of the greats before her – she cultivated her voice in the church as a young woman finding inspiration from already iconic voices in gospel music and in general. When asked who influenced her the most, she quickly shared an impressive list: India Irie, Brenda Fassie, Mariam Makeba, Onyeka Onyenu, Angelique Kidjo and The Marleys.

On January 26, 2007, Omawumi auditioned for the West African version of an internationally acclaimed TV talent show titled ‘Idols West Africa’. The captivating, emotional voice and outgoing personality intrigued millions of viewers across the continent and was voted the winner of the inaugural Idols West Africa. In September 2008, Omawumi released their single titled “In the Music,” which became an instant hit and number one hit on various radio stations and music charts. Soon after Omawumi released her debut album entitled “Wonderwoman,” in its first week, the album sold over 100,000 copies across Africa!

“I describe my sound as eclectic.I draw my style from a wide and diverse range of genres.However, the common ingredient is soul and language.I usually speak a lot of what we call” pidgin English “in my music.- Omawumi

Omawumi has performed on stage across Africa, crowding crowds in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Singapore, Switzerland and New York.

MUSIC: Omawumi – Africa (feat. Salif Keita & Uhuru)
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