Mobi Dixon – ‘We didn’t see it coming at all, Nichume Siwundla was a fighter’

After spending three years working with Nichume, perfecting and mastering her craft, DJ Mobi Dixon, real name Mabi Ntuli, struggles to make sense of why the late house music vocalist took her own life.

Nichume was on the edge of a successful music career when she was found dead at Greenstone, Edenvale. She was signed to Top Chap Media owned by Mobi Dixon.

Mobi Dixon will pay the Nichume family a visit in East London today Monday 10 June 2019.

Mobi Dixon said “It [her suicide] does make sense. I’m a witness to a series of events leading up to this. The ancestors and God were trying to tell us and prepare us.

“So many things happened, and one of them is that we recorded a song called Camagu with Naakmusic. In it Nichume sings about amadlozi [ancestors] and amasiko [customs]. Now she is idlozi [ancestor].”

“We didn’t see it coming at all. We knew about the depression and that she was seeing doctors and taking medication but we never thought she’d go so far. We thought she was in control. She was a fighter.”

The stress of this tragic event has been taking its toll on Mobi as well as a lack of sleep.

Mobi Dixon said “I have body pains. It’s been very tough spiritually, physically and mentally.”

He said there were more ups and downs in their business relationship.

“We were at the beginning stages, getting her ready to fly on her own. Little did we know that we were preparing her to fly to heaven. We spent three years grooming her to be on her own not as Mobi’s girl.”

He said Nichume’s death was a big loss to the music industry … purely because of her potential, talent and voice.

“She had so much to offer. She was really at a point where she was ready to be her own person. She had found her voice, it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not everyday the music industry opens doors to a new artist, and she was getting started.

“If she was really so unhappy on earth that she would take her own life, all I wish for her is happiness.”

“I’d like for people to draw a lesson from her life, especially when it comes to challenges of life that lead to depression.

” I don’t know how we can drive this narrative, I don’t have the answers right now, but I want her life to be a lesson so that others may not suffer or end in the manner that it did for her. Also deepest condolences to the Siwundla family, her friends and colleagues and fans who were just starting to get to know her,” said Mobi.

Mobi Dixon shared his condolences on social media

Let’s celebrate her life on earth and send off her spirit in prayer ???????? Thank you Lord father God for lending us your angel #RipNichume

Always and forever! From all of us at your home away from home @topchapmedia #RipNichume

Why did Nichume commit suicide – Nichume takes her ‘problems’ to the grave leaves everyone guessing

House music vocalist Nichume Siwundla allegedly threw herself off an apartment building after she complained about having serious mental health problems.

Police officials confirmed that the 27-year-old songstress was at a friend’s apartment at Greenstone Ridge in Edenvale on Thursday night when she took her own life.

SA police spokesperson Neldah Sekgobela said “It is alleged that she threw herself from the second floor balcony after she had been complaining that she had issues but didn’t reveal [the source of her issues] to her close friends”.

According to the police, who arrived at the scene after 9pm, Nichume’s friends were unable to give statements because they were still in major shock.

Neldah Sekgobela said: “The Edenvale police are investigating an inquest case at this moment.”

The talented singer from East London was an up and coming musician and worked as an assistant to an ophthalmologist. She became really popular when she lent her voice to Mobi Dixon’s hit single Bhutiza and later featured on singles Daydreaming by Fistaz Mixwell and Far Away by DJ Anda featuring Mobi Dixon.

Her elder brother Qamani Siwundla said the family was trying to be as strong as possible. “I just got off the phone now with a friend of mine who said between the two of us, my sister was always the strongest.

“She’d always remind me of a Mkabayi and Mpiyakhe (characters in Isibaya) relationship. It’s a bit comical like that. My sister has always been a joyful person and she was always happy,” he recalled.

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