Magnetic DJ’s – Kings and Gods EP

Magnetic DJ's - Kings and Gods EP

RELEASE: Magnetic DJ’s – Kings and Gods EP
GENRE: Afro House
QUALITY: 224 Kbps
LABEL: Ziiki Media
YEAR: 2020
SIZE: 94.9 MB


  1. Magnetic DJs – Reflections (feat. Jay Sax)
  2. Magnetic DJs – Sohamba (feat. Killar SA & Inga)
  3. Magnetic DJs – Ilizwe (feat. Thembi Mona)
  4. Magnetic DJs – Game Changes
  5. Magnetic DJs – Uzong’khumbula (feat. Fey & Jay Sax)
  6. Magnetic DJs – Stop & Go (feat. Stoorne)
  7. Magnetic DJs – Emakasane (feat. Nocy Dee)
  8. Magnetic DJs – Ubomi (feat. Sinazo Fulani)
  9. Magnetic DJs – Ilanga (feat. Docta)
  10. Magnetic DJs – Faki Mali (feat. SimKidd)


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