K’Zela & Stylish Dj – Habari (feat. Sir Riba & Kgetsa)

K'Zela & Stylish Dj - Habari (Sir Riba & Kgetsa)

Habari, A Song for Unity in Africa. The Greatest Duo, K’zela & Stylish Dj, in collaboration with Sir Riba and Kgetsa, is presenting a new Afro House called Habari, a song for the unity of Africa. The song is a call for unity among Africans, and pleads for all Africans to love one another. The word “Habari”, which is a common greeting in Swahili language, is accompanied by the phrase “Unganisha Afrika”- which pleads for unity amongst Africans of all origins.

The song will grace the airwaves of Sub-Saharan Africa with a message of unity, especially in the wake of xenophobic tendencies amongst Africans. Music is a powerful tool of communication; The Duo and the featured musicians based in South Africa believe the song will promote unity and social cohesion in Sub-Saharan Africa.

MUSIC: K’Zela & Stylish Dj – Habari (Sir Riba & Kgetsa)
GENRE: Afro House
QUALITY: 320 Kbps
LABEL: Chymamusiq Records
YEAR: 2020
SIZE: 11.4 MB


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