GqomFridays Mix Vol.110 (Mixed By Ceeyah Da Dj)

GqomFridays Mix Vol.110 (Mixed By Ceeyah Da Dj)

Durban Gqom Music Concepts are back with another episode of GqomFridays Mix. On the decks is Ceeyah Da Dj, with a fire Gqom Mixtape for the Fans and for Vol.110.

MIXTAPE: GqomFridays Mix Vol.110 (Mixed By Ceeyah Da Dj)
QUALITY: 192 Kbps
LABEL: Durban Gqom Music Concepts
YEAR: 2019
SIZE: 64.6 MB


  1. CeeyahDaDj – Birthmark
  2. CeeyahDaDj – Huawei
  3. CeeyahDaDj – yashub’indaba
  4. CeeyahDaDj – Gqom language
  5. CeeyahDaDj – ngomntu wam (Ndingalwa ndibebomvu)
  6. CeeyahDaDj & Sugar – Ibang
  7. CeeyahDaDj – Gqomoclock
  8. CeeyahDaDj – umbass
  9. CeeyahDaDj – My addiction
  10. CeeyahDaDj – De-activated
  11. CeeyahDaDj – Another anthem
  12. CeeyahDaDj – 3 step forward
  13. CeeyahDaDj – Pro killer
  14. CeeyahDaDj – khuzani


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