Essential I – Rise Up (Album)

Essential I feat. Justee & Cornelius SA - Tell Me (Rise Up Mix)

ALBUM: Essential I – Rise Up
GENRE: House Music
QUALITY: 256 Kbps
LABEL: Deeptone Recordings
YEAR: 2019
SIZE: 134.4 MB


  1. African Beauty (Intro)
  2. Change The World (feat. Sue)
  3. Fever (feat. Asanda & Vuky J)
  4. Ubambo Lwami (Soulful Mix) (feat. Khokho)
  5. Wasting My Time (feat. Samantha Faison)
  6. The Weekend (feat. Bryce Anderson)
  7. Tell Me (Rise Up Mix) (feat. Justee & Cornelius SA)
  8. The Cross Over (feat. 60Hertz)
  9. The Way I Like It (feat. Relo)
  10. 4 Seasons (feat. Jayla)
  11. Unity (feat. True Blends & Ole)
  12. Precious Thing (Afro Groove Mix) (feat. Vuky J & Ole)
  13. We Are Africa (Mellow Reprise) (feat. Ole)


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