DJ T Deep Explians His Unique Style of Sound

DJ T Deep who just made his monstrous rebound in the music scene has let fans in on his inspiration and nature of music. The DJ had recently dropped a collection, The Fundamentals of House Vol. 3 which has been doing exceptionally well.

dj t deep DJ T Deep Explians His Unique Style of Sound

“Individuals know when the music is unadulterated and truthful. The reaction my collection has gotten has been mind blowing. I made this collection from an extremely truthful place since I was so powerless and they have gotten it so incredibly. It’s a direct result of the honesty of the music.”


DJ T Deep likewise included on how he separates his own and work life.

“Tebogo and T Deep are two totally different individuals. Tebogo is a father and a spouse, first and foremost. T Deep is an artist and the two are totally different entities. What I understood is the two must be separated in light of the fact that I understand that one tends to steal from the other, in terms of time and attention in addition to other things,” Tebogo told TshisaLIVE.

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