DJ/Producer Maphorisa thankful for Jah Prayzah

There is no recipe to success or producing a hit song but only hard work, a bit of luck and who you know in the music industry according to South African DJ/Producer Maphorisa who performed in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe last week.

DJ Maphorisa is the producer behind house hits Khona by Mafikizolo, Naja, Memeza and more recently Makhe and Iwalk Yepara (Nayi leWalk) that features another South African superstar Moonchild Sanelly.

In an interview, DJ Maphorisa said there are many tracks that he releases but only a handful become big hits.
“I don’t really have a recipe for making hits. I just love music and pay attention to what the audience wants. I guess sometimes its luck. It isn’t every song that I produce that becomes a hit.”

“There are many songs that I’ve produced but only a few have become hits. I might release many songs and only one is a hit,” said DJ Maphorisa.
DJ Maphorisa left Oskido’s Kalawa Jazmee stable to form his own record label Black Boy Music, DJ Maphorisa who is now on his own, said he gets ideas from all things day in day out.

“Sometimes I get ideas from the streets. Sometimes I get them in the studio and come up with something there. Sometimes I ask one of my boys to send me beats and get someone to sing on it,” said Maphorisa.

When asked what he thinks of Zimbabwean music, DJ Maphorisa was impressed with Jah Prayzah who he worked in collaboration with on two songs, Sendekera and Mazuva Akanaka adding that some artistes from his country have embraced some elements of his style of house music.

“I’ve heard a lot of stuff from Jah Prayzah as I’ve worked with him and Mafikizolo on two tracks (Sendekera and Mazuva Akanaka). Working with Jah Prayzah was really great because he’s a talented guy. “He’s got a style that I like and I’ve realised that some South Africans have copied his style. There’s a big song in my country and every time it plays, I distinctly hear some Jah Prayzah elements.”

The producer has worked with international music celebrities such as American producer Drake and Nigeria’s very finest Wizkid on the track One Dance. He said this song was produced through a series of email communication sent to him from Wizkid and Drake.

DJ Maphorisa advised other musicians to go online and use the Internet much more and work with as many connections as possible.
“I wouldn’t say it’s easy though getting to my level because there’s a big gap in terms of communication (between African producers and international producers). But I’d say the best thing is to try to get themselves to work with other people and connections. It isn’t an easy thing to do but the Internet is at their disposal and gives us an opportunity to take their music to another level.”

“In the music industry, there’s no such thing like retiring. Perhaps I’ll change genres and do jazz music or something like that. I don’t think I’ll retire though,” said DJ Maphorisa.

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