Captain S’chomane – Kasi To Kasi (Album)

Captain S'chomane - Kasi To Kasi (Album)

Captain S’chomane comes again with a thrilling sound. His sound is absolute natural, deep, rich, with soulful and exciting notes. This Double album has some of the most compelling house and dance music on the market today. The production forms the foundation of the worldly style that is likely to make it through to many top charts globally. It is something you can wake up to and yes to get you through the day, lounging around the house, knocking around those chores and perfect for a late knight or driving off into a sunset. It’s uplifting music, it’s Creation without borders and boundaries and music that is also good for the soul.

ALBUM: Captain S’chomane – Kasi To Kasi
GENRE: Afro House / Kwaito
QUALITY: 256 Kbps
LABEL: Make Groove Records
YEAR: 2020
SIZE: 144.3 MB


  1. My Babe (feat. Mvikeni)
  2. Enyakeni Omusha
  3. Kasi To Kasi (feat. Nox, Nonks)
  4. Sengize Ngadela
  5. Desha Somile (feat. Mr. Menuve)
  6. Impilo Emnandi (feat. DJ Oros, Mpukane)
  7. Finally (feat. Trevas)
  8. Ama Toys
  9. Ngama Weekend (feat. Nyce One)
  10. Kumnandi Eskomplaz
  11. Meet & Greet
  12. Ngifisa Ukuba Mnandi
  13. Isekele
  14. Sijomba Umlilo
  15. Ngidayisa Ngombhede


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