Zito Mowa – The Kolour of Water (Album)

Zito Mowa - The Kolour of Water (Album)

ALBUM: Zito Mowa – The Kolour of Water
GENRE: Deep House
QUALITY: 256 Kbps
LABEL: Stay True Sounds
YEAR: 2020
SIZE: 105.8 MB


  1. Zito Mowa – Fofa II
  2. Zito Mowa – Malome Vinny
  3. Zito Mowa – Dare To [Intermission] (feat. OKAY GOD)
  4. Zito Mowa – That Guy Wa MoPedi
  5. Zito Mowa – Sumthng More (feat. Ziyon)
  6. Zito Mowa – Bop Skip Doodle
  7. Zito Mowa – T.K.O.W. [Interlude] (feat. Zizipho Bam)
  8. Zito Mowa – A.A.R (feat. Malik Ameer)
  9. Zito Mowa – Ramasedi (feat. Tahir Jones)
  10. Zito Mowa – 4GODSOUL (feat. Meltonic)
  11. Zito Mowa – R’a Bolela [Ye Wen’]
  12. Zito Mowa – Fafandrete (feat. Donnie Moustaki)
  13. Zito Mowa – Sumthng More (Radio Edit) (feat. Ziyon)


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