Stones & Bones – Pot Of Gold (feat. Zano) 2017

Stones & Bones - Pot Of Gold (feat. Zano) 2017

Stones & Bones – Pot Of Gold (feat. Zano) 2017

The famous South African Stones & Bones Band are back with yet another House banger that will ruin the clubs and clubs all over Africa. Pot of Gold is the title of the new song of the group and counts with the special participation of Zano, another great artist in the music world House and South Africa.

Stones & Bones is a Gauteng based house band that was formed in 2010. They use a combination of Afro House beats and live instruments to create soul food and cool grooves for the dance floor. Since its formation, its music has spread like a fire in the plains of South Africa, Africa and the world.

What makes this group so unique is their ability to combine acoustic instruments with electronic beats and soulful vocals while still maintaining a groove that will rock the dance floor. Their combination of rhythm and melody has crowds dancing and singing, as there is no tomorrow.

Stones & Bones describe themselves as a double afro-rock. What is Afro-Rock? – a blend of pulsating Afro House tones with a touch of Rock and Soul! Stones & Bones is on the border, exactly where the town meets the street. Composed by Casper Steenkamp aka Casper J Stone and Kgothatso Mohlaka, aka KG Bones, this formidable music duo born and raised in Pretoria knows how to shake their fresh sound.

Their music is inspired by the collective sounds they have each heard grow – from Rock ‘n Roll and Hip Hop to House and the traditional tone of the South African neighborhoods of Funk.

Listening to the band’s music is incredible, but watching them play live is even more emotional. These two young DJs, they sing, dance, play guitars, saxophones, keys, synthesizers and almost all other things they can put their hands on. There’s never a dull moment when these guys are onstage.

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MUSIC: Stones & Bones – Pot Of Gold (feat. Zano)
QUALITY: 320 Kbps
LABEL: House of Stone
YEAR: 2017
SIZE: 16.1 MB


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