Moonchild Sanelly Talks About Her Role in AfroPunk & How 2018 Has Treated her so far.

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Songstress and liberal Moonchild is one of the artists set to perform at the upcoming AfroPunk festival for 2018. The star expressed her joy and how she plans to dazzle the crowd with her skills.

“For the longest time, even before we had the first AfroPunk here at home, I was already someone who was representing that sound and that culture. I could go to a festival where people were just not vibing with my vibe but leave them changed. So it feels great for me to finally be in that space and I know I bring energy and power. I call it the freedom demon. It takes over!”.

In addition the star said 2018 has been a great year since it saw a large number of black people being accepting of her nature.

“It’s amazing. This whole year has been such a success for me because being celebrated by the black people of my country South Africa has been such an amazing feeling. It has always been important to me because I have always wanted to be able to represent others like me, who aren’t always a perfect fit in our society.”

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