Master Fale feat. Tsoness – What Are You (Original Mix)

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“What Are You” is an enchanting body of work that acquires deeper insight into spirit, the power of cosmic magic that is the Dark Night of the Soul operating in all things. Tsoness’s lyrical genius complete with overtones steps to articulate the working order in the human intellect, the perception and innerstanding of thoughts, judgment, choice, will, determination towards action within past, present and future undertakings of the metaphysical, physical octave merged universe that stimulate the cycles of existence, the dynamics of all Time and Form which unite aspects of spirituality and philosophy woven into the very fabric and architecture of the story that make up the final message of this harmonious composition.

Tsoness’s question with a desire to know ‘What Are You?’, is the basic form of creation’s countless expressed complexity of Nature. All Matter is Vibration, All Vibration is Wave, All Wave is Motion, All Motion is Sound, What the Ancients called Nada Brahma – which means that the whole universe was created from the energy of sound, the only sound that exists in the beginning.

MUSIC: Master Fale feat. Tsoness – What Are You (Original Mix)
QUALITY: 256 Kbps
LABEL: JusVibe
YEAR: 2018
SIZE: 12.9 MB


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