Lady Zamar Reveals Why She Wears Jumpsuits On Live Performances

Home Grown Superstar Lady Zamar Explains Why She Often Wears Unique Jumpsuits On Live Shows. Lady Zamar has been a casualty of a negative reaction on social media for her exceptional outfits. A great many people have quite recently pondered what truly motivates her design taste and she has now decided to chat about it and give it straight.

Lady Zamar Reveals Why She Wears Jumpsuits On Live Performances

Lady Zamar explained “I am attempting to discover my way of life as an young adult and show others they can do that too without being put in a shape of what you should wear or how you should look. I realize that is the thing that I am doing it for, not to get likes on social media. It isn’t me searching for recognition. There are better methods for getting recognition. For true recognition. You don’t need to put yourself to be made fun of. That is messed up.”

Lady Zamar said she’s created a tough skin subsequent to understanding that individuals’ opinions became unwarranted online at times.
“Social media life can be extremely flighty. There are the individuals who love what I am wearing and after a while they despise it. There are those who support me and others that do not. I get that negative talk is just a byproduct of being in the spotlight. I don’t care for specific things about my most loved brands. The key is to not think about things literally.”

Lady Zamar said that she would keep on wearing whatever she feels good in. Its all about comfort. “You can’t explore or make judgements off social media. It is a great many individuals saying certain things. There is no full point of view on it. Until the point that somebody comes and separates it for me and reveals to me the motivation behind why I have to stop, I won’t. I won’t change because somebody said I should.”

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