DJ Shimza Explains – King Monada To Change Style Was Misunderstood

After receiving a major backlash for asking Monada to change his sound after the success of Malwede. Super Star deep house and afro house music DJ Shimza decided to clarify himself since he felt he was being misunderstood.

“The thing is (social) media and your media always blow things out of proportion. That question was never meant as an attack. I wasn’t telling Monada to change his sound”

DJ Shimza Explians - King Monada To Change Style Was Misunderstood

“Instead I was asking Monada if he was open to change into another sound to maybe appeal to other parts of the country. Or if he was comfortable in being a star only in the North. That thing was changed to sound like I was saying Monada must change his sound, I wasn’t,” Shimza said.

Monada didn’t seem offended by the pointer although Monada fans on Twitter still gave Shimza a hard time.

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