Dj Jesus – Ibo Ndondo feat. Canícia & Rochane

Dj Jesus - Ibo Ndondo feat. Canícia & Rochane

Dj Jesus is known as one of the greatest promoters of Afro music culture for his productions and unique way of playing with batuques.
A steady listener of soul music and jazz

Dj Jesus began his artist career without knowing exactly when, because the artist started the musical life in jest. Without being an account he was invited to all the parties that were going through the neighborhood where he lived. At the time he formed a duo with his younger brother Dj Marcelo. Both were in love with the Kuduro style.

It was some time later that was when dj jesus and his brother created the curiosity to make music. Investigating they got a program called eajay, that pays for them a wonder when the other producers already found a great drought. Later the curious boys matched more advanced reason and record programs.

MUSIC: Dj Jesus – Ibo Ndondo feat. Canícia & Rochane
QUALITY: 192 Kbps
YEAR: 2018
SIZE: 5.6 MB


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