Derrick Flair – House Is Home (Album)

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ALBUM: Derrick Flair – House Is Home
QUALITY: 256 Kbps
LABEL: Deep Obsession Recordings
YEAR: 2018
SIZE: 298.1 MB


  1. Derrick Flair – Back to basics (Original Mix)
  2. Derrick Flair – Get Even (Original Mix)
  3. Derrick Flair – Long Island Tribe (Original Mix)
  4. Derrick Flair – Take Me To The Future (Original Mix)
  5. Derrick Flair – The Fire Dance (Original Mix)
  6. Derrick Flair – Thought you knew deep (Original Mix)
  7. Derrick Flair – Truth hurts (Original Mix)
  8. Derrick Flair, Afro’Queburn, Bellicose – Como Vas (Original Mix)
  9. Derrick Flair, Colbert – Human (Original Mix)
  10. Derrick Flair, Emô Mac – Farmers On Dry Land (Original Mix)
  11. Derrick Flair, Immortalities, Lile Amare – Love Is Not Far (Main Vocal Mix)
  12. Derrick Flair, Kimicoh – Get Up And Dance (Original Mix)
  13. Derrick Flair, Lindo Jiyane – Let There Be Deep House (Original Mix)
  14. Derrick Flair, Lindo Jiyane – Ngimajadujadu (Original Mix
  15. Derrick Flair, Mamboleo – Africa My home (Original Mix)
  16. Derrick Flair, Mandy – Dance floor on fire (Original Mix)
  17. Derrick Flair, Nkululeko Jiyane – I’ve Been Waiting (HiH Vocal Mix)
  18. Derrick Flair, Really B – Kunzima (Main Vocal Mix)
  19. Derrick Flair, Remz, Colbert – House Is Home (Original Mix)
  20. Derrick Flair, SoulAfrica – There Will Be Sax Tonight (HiH Remaster)
  21. Derrick Flair, SoulAfrica, HIH – Feel (HiH Vocal Mix)
  22. Derrick Flair, SoulAfrica, Lile Amare – How Deep Is Your Love (Main Mix)
  23. Derrick Flair, SoulAfrica, Philani – Be mine forever (HiH Vocal Mix)
  24. Derrick Flair, SoulAfrica, Philani – Letting Go (HiH Remaster)
  25. Derrick Flair, SoulAfrica, Philani – Woman Of My Dreams (Original Mix)



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