Demented Soul & Tman – The Best The Best (ALBUM)

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“The Best The Best” is a new album from “The Best The Best” album by Demented Soul & Tman formally known as the sound producer & vocalist duo, one (producer, DJ, instrumentalist, poet & performer) the other (vocalist, composer, percussionist, mastery in choreography, poet, DJ & performer). These artists very close friends but formally associate themselves as Brothers. They have been ground breaking the music industry since 2012, with Michael L AKA Demented Soul as the heart & soul of the prosperous journey.Demented Soul is one of South Africa’s self-taught, profound, versatile, diligent & multi-talented producer/dj. Demented Soul is gifted in aspects of music production, mixing & mastering of his craft.
Tman Xpress is a vocalist founded & bred by his best friend Demented Soul in their late years of high school. His mastery is in vocal coordination, composition & choreography. Tman has grown to be one of SA’s gifted & respected house vocalists.

The duo comes to give the world one of the best raw offerings in the house music scene. The present their 20 track album that is more concentrated on afro although filled with deep, electronic, jazzy & soulful ultimately calling their style of music house fusion. The album has been inspired by their personal, social & life experiences maturing their gift & music talent to the next level. The duo is very versatile in terms of their music creation & they do not believe in limitations as they are mostly led & driven by the heart together with soul.

ALBUM: Demented Soul & Tman – The Best The Best
QUALITY: 224 Kbps
LABEL: Tone Apartment Entertainment
YEAR: 2018
SIZE: 214.1 MB


  1. Crazy Tunes, TMAN – Story (Demented Soul’s Imp5 Afro Mix)
  2. Demented Soul, TMAN – Anonymous (Bonus Track) (Original Mix)
  3. Demented Soul, TMAN – Away (Imp5 Mix)
  4. Demented Soul, TMAN – Basadi (Original Mix)
  5. Demented Soul, TMAN – Chongolo (Original Mix)
  6. Demented Soul, TMAN – Custody (Imp5 Mix)
  7. Demented Soul, TMAN – Felony (Original Mix)
  8. Demented Soul, TMAN – Imvumo (The Permission) (Original Mix)
  9. Demented Soul, TMAN – Little Boy (Soweto) (Album Version)
  10. Demented Soul, TMAN – Phenyo Ya Africa (Imp5 Afro Fusion)
  11. Demented Soul, TMAN – Phinda (Imp5 Afro Fusion) (Original Mix)
  12. Demented Soul, TMAN – Rich Craft (Main Imp5 Mix)
  13. Demented Soul, TMAN – Sainara (Original Mix)
  14. Demented Soul, TMAN – Shaitan (Original Mix)
  15. Demented Soul, TMAN – Shaka Ra Mina (Original Mix)
  16. Demented Soul, TMAN – The After Life (Album Version)
  17. Demented Soul, TMAN – The Best The Best (Main Punishment)
  18. Demented Soul, TMAN – Vhathu (Main Punishment)
  19. Demented Soul, TMAN – Yellow (Album Version)
  20. Demented Soul, TMAN, Staryz – Nickname (Imp5 AfroTech Mix)


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