Cool Affair – Musical Trips (Album)

Cool Affair - Musical Trips, Nu-Jazz, broken beat, soulful house, lounge, chill out, funk, blues, jazz

Cool Affair is a Young South African Producer who grew up in the hands of melodys-into the art of music. a sound engineer / music producer who’s has been in the music industry for 8 years and going ,its more of a family tradition then a career ,he never went to school for music but grew up around it . He got introduced to the art at a very early stage . He understood music thru jazz , soul, and blues to him it is a form of art like no other.

ALBUM: Cool Affair – Musical Trips
GENRE: Broken Beat / Nu-Jazz
QUALITY: 192 Kbps
YEAR: 2019
SIZE: 77.4 MB


  1. Cool Affair – Intro
  2. Cool Affair – Delux
  3. Cool Affair – Celebration
  4. Cool Affair – No Body Can Stop Us
  5. Cool Affair – Umdali
  6. Cool Affair – Danse
  7. Cool Affair – Dance Base
  8. Cool Affair – Tayina (feat. Moh)
  9. Cool Affair – Might Be
  10. Cool Affair – Outro


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