Collen Cohen & Denillen – Davoo EP

Collen Cohen & Denillen - Davoo EP, deep tech, deep house 2018, download new deep house music

Collen Cohen is no stranger to our catalog, here on this package where he collaborated with his other alias ‘Denillen’, brought a collection of sounds titled ‘Mudoo’. His own community that comprises of his own language for track titling, cross-communication among-st people who understands his sounds the very same way he does.

Saa’Roo is a stamp footprint, enabling Msizi to go in deeper into his thoughts and also challenging himself to do something very combined in between future electronic sounds and minimal & deep house sounds. A ‘Mudoo’ is what it is, and today we look into a new chapter unfolding right before our eyes.

MUSIC: Collen Cohen & Denillen – Davoo EP
QUALITY: 224 Kbps
LABEL: Surreal Sounds Music
YEAR: 2018
SIZE: 55.2 MB


  1. Collen Cohen, Denillen – Mudoo (Intro)
  2. Denillen – Arere Deayu’hi (Mudoo) (Intro)
  3. Collen Cohen – Saa’Roo (Mudoo)
  4. Denillen – Err Reekiff (More Over)
  5. Collen Cohen – SD’aer Aawdf (Mudoo)
  6. Collen Cohen, Denillen – Memo (Outro)