Cisco De Sol – Beijing EP

Cisco De Sol - Calibre

Ocha Mzansi extends a big welcome to Cisco De Sol! With his first project in the Ocha family he brings exactly what Mzansi stands for; big South African ‘Afro House’ vibes.During a tour in Asia last year; Cisco De Sol was inspired by the sites and sounds of Beijing. This inspiration quickly turned into the start of the project we present to you today (Beijing). Each track gives a unique Afro House take. From big sonic room sounds, to deep after hours vibes. This three track EP has something for all of your Afro House needs.

Aluku creates a balance for the senses as it mingles through a variety of sounds with ease. There is no limit to the shape or form in the value Cisco De Sol placed on the freedom of this vibrant tune. The distinctive sounds in Calibre break the mold and give way to the dance floor connection. Designed to tap on the sensations that make you move with abandon, there will be no standing still for this Cisco De Sol joint. There is magic in Tianjin. The eclectic melding of sounds make Cisco De Sol’s production stand out. There is nothing standardized about Tianjin as it speaks a language of its own to the listener and dancer, a tune that fits nowhere else and yet fits everywhere it touches.

MUSIC: PDJ Bonus – Bony’s Groove (Original Mix)
GENRE: Afro House
QUALITY: 320 Kbps
LABEL: Ocha Mzansi
YEAR: 2019
SIZE: 41.6 MB


  1. Cisco De Sol – Aluku
  2. Cisco De Sol – Calibre
  3. Cisco De Sol – Tianjin


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