Buddynice – 10K Appreciation Mix (Redemial Sounds)

Buddynice - 10K Appreciation Mix (Redemial Sounds)

Buddynice dropped his 10k Appreciation Mix for reaching this number on his social media. Check out this amazing 2 hours deep redemial house mixtape.

MIXTAPE: Buddynice – 10K Appreciation Mix (Redemial Sounds)
GENRE: Deep House
QUALITY: 192 Kbps
YEAR: 2019
SIZE: 166.1 MB


  1. Stylesdipp ft Linz SA-Time After (Buddynice’s Redemial Mix)
  2. Buddynice – Next To Her (Nostalgic Mix)
  3. Buddynice – Documents (Nostalgic Mix)
  4. Buddynice – Not A Hint (Nostalgic Mix)
  5. Buddynice – Mind Games (Nostalgic Mix)
  6. Buddynice – Nostalgic Driver (Nostalgic Mix)
  7. Buddynice – All In Good Times (Nostalgic Mix)
  8. Buddynice – Cold World (Nostalgic Mix)
  9. Buddynice – No Change (Nostalgic Mix)
  10. Buddynice – Galaxy Tone (Nostalgic Mix)
  11. Buddynice – All South African (Nostalgic Mix)
  12. Buddynice – The Godbabes (Nostalgic Mix)
  13. Buddynice – The Clip (Nostalgic Mix)
  14. Buddynice – Falling Queen (Nostalgic Mix)
  15. Buddynice – Margin (Nostalgic Mix)
  16. Buddynice – The Visitor ft.Lucid Deep & LeJazz (Original Mix)
  17. Buddynice – Instrumental (ft. Lee Sonic)


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