BlaQ Nation – Buya Afrika

BlaQ Nation - Buya Afrika

BlaQ Nation is a trio formed by BlairK, Uncle H & Si-Zwe’e – who aim to break genre based barriers to bring the nation truly African music rooted in the idea of sharing home-brewed stories that all can relate to as well as bringing the elements of future EDM into the whole mix.

Buya Afrika which means “Come Back Africa” is a chant song calling to African descendants who have lost the ways of our ancestors – this is a call for African unity in these times of turmoil and unrest. From the onset, taking centre stage is the lead synth arpeggio in an offbeat sequence, rich piano chords and a soulful organ all encompassed by a punchy kick and percussions – the vocal comes in to add emotion to the whole mix to get connected with your roots.

MUSIC: BlaQ Nation – Buya Afrika
GENRE: Afro House
QUALITY: 320 Kbps
LABEL: BlairK Music
YEAR: 2020
SIZE: 17.0 MB


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