Blanka Mazimela – Epiphany Podcast #5

Blanka Mazimela - Epiphany Podcast #5

Blanka Mazimela’s desire to pursue music became a dream come true when he met Ryan Murgatroyd, who not only became his mentor but his inspiration along with that of his father and his brother, to create his sound. As Ryan’s protege, Blanka built up his skills and came into his own with his recent release of ‘Phezulu’ on Africa Gets Physical compilation and is set to feature an EP release on the label ‘Get Physical’ in the near future. Blanka Mazimela’s unique sound is formed through his use of organic instrumentation and vocals transfused with an electronic element, and performs both live and DJ sets incorporating all these elements of sound.

MIXTAPE: Blanka Mazimela – Epiphany Podcast #5
GENRE: Afro Tribal House
QUALITY: 160 Kbps
YEAR: 2019
SIZE: 77.2 MB


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