Black Coffee – The Global Fantasy Radio Show #9 (2017)

Black Coffee - The Global Fantasy Radio Show #9 (2017)

Black Coffee – The Global Fantasy Radio Show #9 (2017)

The famous South African DJ and producer, Black Coffee is back with another afro house mix, this time a house mix played on the radio show “The Global Fantasy Radio Show”. Global Fantasy is organizing and promoting House events in Athens and throughout Greece!

Given its meteoric rise to fame, it would be easy to stereotype Black Coffee as just another black diamond, an Afro beat magnet to explore the insatiable urban house market. But as he proved on his “Home Brewed” album awarded by South African music, this DJ and producer challenges the convention.

Destroying Afro-house cliches and high stage levels in favor of a narrow sophistication, Black Coffee’s tilt is for true house music, but fresh and focused on the future. Expect almost balance and sculptural beauty.

Recently DJ Black Coffee once again revealed that he was “invisible” to the world and then had to get used to the irresistible love he now receives daily.

The DJ shared a video on Instagram detailing how he had to learn to embrace the love of thousands of people when “nobody cared” with him when he was younger.

“I always felt like a stranger.It is one of the biggest challenges as a person, now as I am, to be this only child, on the dusty streets.I grew the milking cows.No one paid any attention.No one cared,” he said .

Black Coffee explained in the video that, now, 20 to 30 years after the days of dairy cows, he had to teach himself to accept love.

“In South Africa, I can not walk the streets, you know that I get so much love, and that moves my head, of course.As I grow up, I’m learning to go into a mall and take love,” he said. .

The DJ who is currently in Ibiza, where he has his residence, has been making great international collaborations to acquire the local club Soweto, Zone 6.

MUSIC: Black Coffee – The Global Fantasy Radio Show #9
QUALITY: 192 Kbps
YEAR: 2017


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