Asyigo – Origins EP

Asyigo - Origins EP

In a shift in power clinching another successful year which has visualized something you’ve never seen before in the deep afro-house ‘movement’ on a historical worldwide view, ‘Origins’, is the first ‘vault’ compilation featuring an exquisite ‘galactic’ take-over descended with a well-balanced and forward-thinking plan of strategy pushing the boundaries of the underground… ‘One-Man Army’ ASYIGO expedited from the ‘realms’ of the future dispatched to this timeline to engineer and complete the all ‘supreme’ plan of the all-loving, all-knowing, all-seeing, all-being Ancient Onez in magical cosmic fashion, an energy exchange in motion (e-motions) and soul vibes communicated and expressed in the true nature of unity and complete cosmic oneness of the Universal ALL Source.

The Golden Age era of the force is upon you invading the dance floor from deep space with a tasteful blend of mixes carefully selected by JusVibe’s label-head to relive and express what JusVibe has contributed to the world of music. ‘Origins’ is an intense recollection of singles extending across deep, soulful and afro house ranges. The imprint highlight and showcase 3 tracks from (As Eye.i Go) and 2 as ‘the artist’ formally known as Blade Deep in a cosmic journey into th (his)-story of the ‘origins’ of the unstoppable ‘force’ of the source of earth, fire, air, water & spirit. Expect dangerously powerful pulsating and exhilarating dark drum vibrations and hard-core synth chronology flow overpowering the bounce with that raw and rugged energy revisited on a trip down memory lane giving this exceptional vibe an imaginative and stellar recollect.

MUSIC: Asyigo – Origins EP
GENRE: Afro Deep Tech
QUALITY: 224 Kbps
LABEL: JusVibe
YEAR: 2019
SIZE: 65.1 MB


  1. Asyigo – The Shift (Original Mix)
  2. Asyigo – The Etherians (Original Mix)
  3. Blade Deep – In Tha 90s (Retrospective Mix)
  4. Blade Deep – The Dance Move So (Dubstrumental)
  5. Asyigo – Spirit Of The Lotus (S.O.T.L)


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