Afropoison – Drums Of A Generation EP

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Afropoison are back with another afro house project. Drums Of A Generation is their new EP with four afro house music tracks. Afropoison is a duo of DJs and producers, formed in the final of 2016, with the purpose of releasing good music to the public; their friendship and the passion for music joined them in a journey not only in the music production but also in the Djing world. In January 2018 they released their first oficial single through label Miradouro Records, with a title which deeply represents them as duo Afropoison.

MUSIC: Afropoison – Drums Of A Generation EP
QUALITY: 224 Kbps
LABEL: Guettoz Muzik
YEAR: 2018
SIZE: 33.5 MB


  1. Afropoison – Bakongo (Original Mix)
  2. Afropoison – Drums Of A Generation
  3. Afropoison – Ibiza (Original Mix)
  4. Afropoison – Vamos Ate de Manhã (Ft. Damasceno) [BONUS TRACK]


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