Afro House Star King Monada : “I still have 60 unreleased tracks”.

Malwedhe is just the beginning from what King Monada plans to give South Africa in the future, the star said that he has roughly 60 unreleased tracks he will release 2019. The Limpopo Afro House DJ is giving out too much vibes, everyone will surely faint.

“I still have 60 unreleased songs which will keep my fans on their toes next year”.
“I can tell you now that Malwedhe is going to be a song of the year,” he said.

House music DJ and producer King Monada said the Malwedhe hit song idea came from a Facebook post where a fan posted a story about her boyfriend not calling and that caused her some dissapointment.

“I didn’t expect to get such major attentionfrom this track. I knew it was great but not to this level. I, however, appeal to my fans not to “idibala” (faint) while driving, they must dance responsibly this festive season,” he says.

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